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LOGML Summer School 2022

London Geometry and Machine Learning

11-15 July 2022


The London Geometry and Machine Learning Summer School 2022 (LOGML) aims to bring together geometers and machine learners to work together on a variety of problems. There will be a selection of group projects, each overseen by an experienced mentor, talks by leading figures in the field, a variety of social events and a company networking night. 

Check out the 2021 website for the talks and the projects that were offered last summer. 



During the summer school, the attendees will each engage in a week-long research project working at the interface of machine learning and geometry. As a mentor, your duties will be:

  • to set a project for five participants to work on,

  • to meet with your mentees at least once during the summer school (although you are encouraged to meet more than once),

  • to be available to answer your mentees' questions. 

Click here to check out what projects were offered by last year's mentors. Some of them were very successful and led to papers! 

If you are interested in mentoring a project please fill in the mentor application form. Otherwise, if you know someone who would be a great mentor please nominate them using the mentor nomination form.