Women in Computing events

The summer school is targeted at early career researchers, mostly PhD students. In addition, there will be two events for undergraduate and master students for which you can register your interest here. If you register here, you will be emailed the events' information before the event.

The events are as follows:

  • Getting-started tutorial on graph machine learning

  • Panel discussion on the topic of 'My journey into graph machine learning', followed by a networking session

This event is hosted by Imperial College London Women in Computing Society.

Women's attendance will be prioritized. 

Fill in this form to apply: link to form.


Disclaimer: This is NOT the registration for the summer school, but the registration for the event targeted at undergraduate and master students.

Tutorial: Getting started on graph ML


Delivered by Sarah Parisot

Sarah Parisot is a senior research scientist at Huawei Noah’s ark lab London. She is the first female team leader at Huawei London, leading the machine learning team which investigates topics ranging from deep generative models to neural architecture search. She has been involved in multiple projects involving to graph neural networks applications, notably proposing one of the first applications of graph CNNs to the medical imaging field.

Tutorial abstract to come, stay tuned!

Panel discussion: My journey into geometric ML

If you're a graph ML career beginner, join us in this event "My journey into geometric ML". We have a panel of graph ML practitioners who have gotten into the field from different paths. They will be sharing their personal experience and suggestions on how to get started in the field. If you've wondered whether a PhD is necessary, how the PhD journey is in this field, and how to get started, join us for an insightful discussion with our invited panellists!